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The Royal Family of the Netherlands.

Koning (King) Willem-Alexander, Koningin (Queen) Máxima, Prinses (Princess) Beatrix, Prinses (Princess) Alexia, Prinses (Princess) Catharina-Amalia & Prinses (Princess) Ariane.

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Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot - View on the city of Utrecht - c. 1650

Centraal Museum Utrecht, Netherlands

Nieuw-Amelisweerd is a castle in Bunnik, Utrecht, the Netherlands.



Eartha Kitt, Amsterdam, Netherlands, c. 1962. by Ben van Meerendonk


Star-Shaped Fort Bourtange. Groningen, Netherlands


Haarlem, Netherlands (by AnneMieke_5)


In this week in 1996, Hakkûhbar was number one in the Dutch charts with Gabbertje.

In the 90s, the Gabberscene and Gabbermusic was very popular in the Netherlands (and other European countries). The gabbers wore tracksuits, and the men often had shaved heads or wore their hair slicked back. Girls tended to wear their hair in tight ponytails. The music itself was hardcore or hardstyle house. The scene was also known for its frequent druguse, mainly XTC.

The word ‘gabber’ is a Dutch word for pal/mate/buddy, and the dancing the gabbers did to their music was known as ‘hakken’ (chopping) because of the jerky, chopping moves. 

Hakkûhbar’s music was a parody of all the gabberscene clichés: the dancing, the obsession with tracksuits, the hairstyle, the druguse. The group consisted of Bob Fosko (from De Raggende Manne) and Bart Vleming, Ad de Feyter and Ewart van der Horst. The song Gabbertje is a songparody of Swiebertje, the themesong of a popular old Dutch television show.

In the video and at liveshows, the role of Gabber was performed by Ruben van der Meer, a Dutch actor and comedian. Bob Fosko knew Van der Meer from a Dutch TV show aimed at kids, Erwassus, which had done a parody of The Emperor’s New Clothes but with gabbers and tracksuits. Van der Meer had played the gabber in that sketch, so Fosko asked him to play the main gabber in their music video.

Hakkûhbar released several more singles from their one album, and then disbanded. Ruben van der Meer continued his comedy career and became a household name in the 2000s as one of the performers of De Lama’s, a Dutch comedyimprov programme, like Whose Line Is It Anyway.

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